Tips for adventuring sustainably

May 8, 2018 | Adventure Tips

One of the main reasons you get outside is to frolic au naturale amongst the trees and bees. We don’t mean naked as such (although that’s wholly encouraged). But we do mean escaping to the sounds of the birdies rather than the underfoot crunch of litter in the grass. Disposable plastic, carbon emissions, fishies with tiny plastic blobs inside them– there’s a lot us conscious beans could get overwhelmed by.

So, in our quest for adventuring sustainably, what are some greener choices we could make? Zero-impact products or options haven’t quite arrived yet, but there are small changes that can make a difference. Bristol-based AQ Ciara, shares her top tips so decide what feels achievable for you and then crack on, like the true Adventure Queen you are.


  1. Shop Like An Eco-Queen

Online bargain shopping

Crikey, online is officially bargain city! One of the best ways to be sustainable is to recycle and reuse. Not to mention that someone else’s yesteryear wilderness fashion could be your new season OMG. Try browsing websites for second hand goodies before forking out for something ultra-shiny. Let’s face it, keeping up with the kit-ashians can get pretty pricey so hit the search button first.


Bulk buy at independent traders

Shop locally at independent traders that offers bulk buy re-fill options. With a burst of new zero-plastic stores like Bristol’s Zero Green, it’s a great time to put that Tupperware emporium in your kitchen to good use. Stock up on all the nuts and trail mix you can squirrel away using your own tubs or paper bags. You can even get washing liquid refills for some wild pants scrubbing out on the trails! And head to your local greengrocer for a good old chinwag and lots of packaging-free fruit and veg options.

Buy sustainable materials

Replacing your adventure bits n’ bobs with sustainable materials is a cracking idea, just use what you have to the end of its lifecycle first– think stainless steel water bottles and food containers, once your plastic bottle has chipped its way to a sad but well-used ending. And the humble plastic sandwich bag – oh, so useful! But unless it’s to house your muddy socks, why not choose some brown paper bags and recyclable aluminium foil to wrap your sarnies in. Give beeswax wrap a go instead of cling film too; wash, reuse and wrap up your favourite lump of cheese for your ramble (just don’t forget the crackers).


  1. Buy Kit That Does Good

A few compromises may be needed here, as it’s pretty tough to find the spec you might want or need alongside ethical and environmental concerns. But there are some brands out there going the extra mile, so get your investigative Google groove on and do some research.

Recommended brands

Patagonia, UK-based AlpKit and The Level Collective are all pushing the sustainable and ethical trading agenda, whilst New Balance has some feel-good options for trainers. Quechua hits hard on eco-design and what our pretty pennies will get us by recycling plastic bottles to make their planet-saving Forclaz 50 Mountain Hiking Fleece. SOLD.

Charity shopping

Charity shopping is also a cracking idea, given they’re full to the brim with t-shirts and active basics. You can often find snazzy camping kit and waterproof jackets, if you’ve got the time to browse too. Plus, spending your dollar on a good cause boosts that already rosy heart of yours into full feel-good mode. FACT.

Think re-usable

Speaking of reusable cloth, sanitary towels like the eco femme range and Mooncups are super easy to use and mean you don’t have loads of waste to carry around. Find some water, wash away and off you go. You can check out more top tips for dealing with Miss Period here.


  1. Get Wild At Home

If you’re conscious of your air miles racking up then go explore what’s on your doorstep! You can think creatively about how you get there; walk door to door, dust off the bicycle or hop on board the train – next stop, adventure-land (toot toot)!

The UK really is an adventure playground and being an island, we’re absolutely spoilt for choice from coastlines to rivers, mountains and hills. Here are some of our fave UK adventures to get you started.

Have you got some eco-savvy adventure tips to share with fellow AQs?! Comment below or share on the Facebook group.




Bristol-based AQ, Ciara loves to travel, hike and fuel up on ice cream. She works as a copywriter, balancing getting outside with some solid couch time, writing about wild adventures and personal growth.



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