Become a Volunteer Queen

The key strength of the Adventure Queen community is that it is shaped by the women who are a part of it. So far, we already have a team of over 30 Queens – helping to organise wild camps and lead events, but as we grow and (in the words of captain Scott) “We Jusss donnn’t haveee the poowweeer!!” to do it all. So we’re on the hunt for new recruits.

As we’re a non-profit, these are volunteer roles – undertaken for the very same reason we (McNuff and Framps) started Adventure Queens – a sheer love of getting women outdoors and kicking ass.

If you’re keen to be a part of something magical, take a sneaky peek at the volunteer roles below. Ideally you’d be able to do the role for at least 6 months but you can do it forever if you like. We wouldn’t mind that at all.

If one on these roles floats your adventure boat, give us a holler at and tell us a little bit about you.



To date, we’ve hosted campouts in wilderness campsites and in-store workshops with outdoor brands. And in 2019, we’re aiming to run more. We’d love to have an events queen help run the events, particularly the campouts, whether it be managing them all (3-4 during the year) or splitting out the events across a few people (we’re open to whatever people have time for!). As an event queen organiser you would:

  • Get your scouting eyes on, and find a wilderness campsite
  • Source fellow AQs to share their story, as part of the campfire stories
  • Organise for other fellow AQs to run any skills sharing sessions
  • Arrange for any campfire materials (wood, campfire treats etc) – paid for by AQ HQ
  • Find fellow AQs to volunteer at the campout

Skills needed: Detailed oriented and organised, natural planner, good researcher, enthusiastic, warm welcomer and natural host, good delegator.

Time needed per month: 1-2 hours.

Is this you? Email us, like, nowsville


To help women get outdoors and kicking ass, we share info, tips and advice delivered via the monthly newsletter and our website. We’d love to share more though but we could do with an extra pair of hands! As a content generator you would:

  • Keep an eagle eye out on our Facebook and Instagram pages for any cool stories of what women in the community are up to
  • Share any content ideas for upcoming blogs and newsletters with Adventure Queen HQ
  • Share any adventure-tastic female content you’ve seen elsewhere, that would inspire the community and we can support by spreading their work
  • Support with content writing and sharing, on the website / blog / newsletters

Skills needed: Copywriting, research, professional Facebook stalking, a general interest in the outdoors industry and a love of the outdoors.

Time needed per week: 1-2 hours.

Is this you? Email us, like, nowsville


WORDPRESS WEBSITE WHIZZ is powered by WordPress and was created by yours truly. We’re not website gurus though and we’d love to give it a spruce up so we need a bit of help! As a website whizz you would:

  • Transfer the website back-end from WordPress Business to WordPress Marketing
  • Give the website a spruce up so it’s more consistent (such as pics the same size)
  • Review the website navigation
  • Build out website content (with provided content)
  • Implement shop functionality, using WordPress tools
  • Add page tags for SEO

Skills needed: WordPress understanding, basic web developer, basic web designer, SEO knowledge.

Time needed per month: 1-2 hours.

Is this you? Email us, like, nowsville



In 2017 we launched the yearly Adventure Queen Grant, helping send one woman off on her first big adventure. We’d love to support more women though. So we want to source grant funding that’s available for outdoor communities like Adventure Queens, to put more money into the community to help more women. As a grant-funding forager you would:

  • Research relevant grants, available for outdoor communities
  • Maintain grant list, updating as relevant
  • Write and submit grant applications
  • Manage the application process

Skills needed: Researcher, competent application writer, good communicator, detailed oriented and organised.

Time needed per month: 1-2 hours.

Is this you? Email us, like, nowsville