We have a range of volunteer opportunities currently available and have always got space for new ideas and new volunteers to steer them. If you’d like to get involved, email hello@adventurequeens.co.uk , with a bit about yourself and the role you’re interested in!


Current Volunteer Roles

Chief Queen Roles

The Adventure Queen community is always growing and we’re looking for people to don the crown of Chief Queen in a range of existing groups and also start up groups in new counties.

The role of a Chief Queen is a fun and exciting one. You’ll be looking after the Facebook group of your local Queens, engaging, encouraging and supporting them to fulfil their adventure dreams. The best bit about the role is bringing the group to life, organising events yourself and making sure the members also organise the things they want to do too. You’ll meet new people, hear new stories and best of all, see the women’s adventure community flourish whilst wearing your crown. 

Some elements of the role are:

  • Looking after the Facebook group – accepting/declining new members to the group
  • Keeping an eye on posts to ensure the community stays supportive and welcoming
  • The best bit – interacting with the community – both online and in real life
  • Join our closed AQ Volunteers’ group to hear and share what’s going on and also meet the other Chief Queens 
  • Meet other volunteer Queens on the annual volunteer’s meet up

You’ll be given all the support you need to get the group going. We have an experienced group of Chief Queens who are always ready to support and mentor new Queens until you find your feet.

Click here for the full role description

We are looking for Chief Queens for:

Kent (existing group)

Devon & Cornwall (existing group)

Isle of Wight



County Durham and Tyne & Wear

Northumberland & Cumbria

To ask any questions or apply for a role email hello@adventurequeens.co.uk with a brief intro and we’ll set up a call.

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