Adventure Queen Grant

“Suffice it to say, adventure has changed my life. That first big leap of faith started a chain reaction which ejected me from the mundane rut down which I was travelling, and catapulted me across bumpy, uneven plains anew. And ever since I returned home from that first big adventure, it’s been a dream of mine to give someone else the option to derail their own life too…” (Anna McNuff)

Enter, The Adventure Queen Grant…..

THE ADVENTURE QUEEN GRANT 2018 – supported by Arc’teryx 

Last year we were over the moon to be able to launch the Adventure Queen Grant – our little way of supporting one of our community to set out on their first big adventure. We are doubly delighted to be able to be bringing it back this year….this time with a couple of exciting new changes!

AQ Grant reversed landscape

That’s last year’s grant winner Sue Barrett (or Super Sue as we call her!), who used the grant to help support a human powered adventure across the Alps. Here’s what Sue had to say about winning the grant.

“I entered, not thinking I would actually win, but I found the very act of committing an idea to paper and offering it to others, to be the start of something very wonderful that happens within.

Applying encouraged me to dream; to think of doing something bigger than I had previously done and beyond what I thought I was capable of.  It opened up opportunities to meet new people, be part of, and supported by, a community of adventurous women.Winning the grant has made me feel very lucky, grateful, excited, joyous, in awe, proud, re-energised, nourished and at times a bit scared!”

Sound like something that you might be interested in? Then read on!


The lucky winner of the Adventure Queen Grant will receive the following goodies:

  • £1,000 worth of Arc’teryx kitarc teryx
  • Advice from Arc’teryx Piccadilly on the best equipment for your adventure
  • £1,000 cash to spend on your adventure (flights, kit, bottomless supply of pasta to fuel your adventure etc)
  • Mentoring from our brilliant Adventure Queen Grant panel of judges to help plan your adventure


£1,000 worth of Arc’teryx kit

Donated by Arc’teryx Piccadilly – who are just as hell bent on getting women out into the great outdoors as we are. The wonderful people at Arc’teryx helped kit out our 2017 Grant Winner Sue Barrett on her Alpine Adventure, and we are thrilled to have them on board again for 2018

The £1,000 cash

  • Ticket sales from Anna McNuff’s 50 Shades of the USA book launch…. woooh!!
  • We’ll be adding an optional “donate” button on to ticket sales for some of our Adventure Queens events
  • Community funding! This year we’ll be trying something new, and giving our amazing community a way to contribute to the Adventure Queen Grant pot o’ gold.  We hope this gives us the opportunity to help even more ladies kick start their adventure. Watch this space for more info!

Mentoring and support

This year we are excited to have a brilliant group of superwomen involved in choosing the grant winner. They’ll be on hand to chat with the winner, provide practical advice and tips for making your adventure become a reality. Priceless!

The wonderful folks at Arc’teryx will also be there to talk gear, and how to be prepared for whatever conditions your trip will throw at you.


All we ask in return for the grant and support is that you are willing to share your story with the Adventure Queens community. Because inspiration feeds inspiration. All of you in this community are inspiring – and we want to shed a light on that.

If you’re a shy type, no problemo. The minimum we’re asking is that you are cool with us interviewing you, and featuring pictures and updates of you and your adventure on our Adventure Queens and Arc’teryx forums. We also ask that you’d be happy to write a before, during, and after blog about your adventure. You do not have to be a social media whizz, if you are – great! But it’s not necessary.


If you identify as a lady and live in the UK, you’re in. So long as you’re over 18 and female, there are no limits beyond that, but it’s worth checking the bit below on the kind of adventures we are hoping to support. And by ‘living in the UK’ you don’t have to be a UK citizen, but this country should be your primary base.


We are looking for an Adventure Queen who is teetering right on the edge of terrified. She has never done anything quite as big as what she first big adventure has planned and isn’t entirely sure that she can pull it off, but she is darn well willing to give it a go.

There are a few things we’ll be looking for in the grant applications.

  • Your adventure is, at least mostly, human powered. We won’t argue with the odd bus or plane journey through to get you where you want to be! Running, walking, cycling, pogo’ing…. inspire us!
  • It’s probably your first big adventure, and is going to be at least a month or two long
  • Whilst we love the idea of adventuring helping to raise money for a good cause, we won’t be able to support something that is part of an organised fundraising or sponsored event
  • If you’re idea involves a ‘significant other’ (male or female) in your life – well done for finding an adventure partner in crime! But the Adventure Queen Grant probably isn’t for you. We figure that having your other half in tow is a great support vehicle in itself and you probably are in less need of the Grant and the support that comes with it. Plotting with a friend of the female variety? Taking a pet along? Go ahead and apply!
  • Ideally your adventure should take place between March and October 2019. Those dates mean we get to share your story in time to inspire grant applicants in 2019 (yep, we’re talking 2019 already!)


Applications for the grant will be accepted until 31st December 2018. We’ll then be spending January curled up with many cups of tea and a lot of cake reading them all.  We’ll come up with a final shortlist by the end of January, and will announce the winner on February 14th. Exciting stuff!


Feeling inspired and ready to apply? AMAZING! Get yourself a pot of tea and a comfy chair and have a read through our application form.  This is where you get the chance to tell us about yourself, your adventure, and why you think you would be a worthy recipient of the Adventure Queen Grant.

Adventure Queen Grant Application 2018

Once you’ve completed the form, please send it as word document to, with the subject AQ Grant Application – *Your Name*.  We’ll be in touch in the New Year!

Good luck everyone!