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May 8, 2018 | Adventure Ideas

We’ve teamed up with some of our adventure friends to share a few of our fave overseas adventures. Complete a part of the adventure or tackle the full length, depending on how much budget and time you’ve got available. And remember to check out ‘how to plan an adventure’, if you need a bit of help kick-starting those adventures into action.



10 European adventure ideas on land

  1. Hike the Slovenian Mountain Trail
  2. Hike &/or run the GR10
  3. Kickscoot across Europe (or pick out 1-2 countries)
  4. Break the roller-blading distance record, in Europe
  5. Rollerblade 100 miles around Amsterdam
  6. Cycle the Wild Atlantic Way, in Ireland
  7. Cycle through the Alps
  8. Cycle from London to Gavados, the southernmost point in Europe
  9. Cycle from London to Pico, the south-westerly point in Europe
  10. Complete the city-to-city cycles from London



10 European adventure ideas on water

  1. Swim the coastline of Sweden & Finland
  2. Swim between the Greek Islands, stopping to learn about food and culture on each island
  3. Swim the length of Lake Geneva, Switzerland
  4. Sea cycle (check out Schiller Bikes) the Hurtigruten Route, Norway
  5. SUP the Adriatic Coast
  6. SUP the majestic Rio Tejo, Portugal
  7. Kayak around the Maddalena Archipelago, Sardinia
  8. Kaya along the Dalmatian Coast, Croatia
  9. Kayak the Baltic
  10. Kayak and wild camp your way around the Swedish Archipelago




10 Worldwide adventure ideas on land

  1. Walk the length of India
  2. Walk 1000 miles through the heart of the Middle East
  3. Complete the 10 x 10 day treks around the world
  4. Run the length of the Rocky Mountains
  5. Run the Israel National Trail
  6. Run the Baeku Dagan Trail
  7. Cycle the length of the Americas
  8. Fat-bike around Iceland
  9. Fat-bike through the Atlas Mountains
  10. Cross-country ski across Canada


10 Worldwide adventure ideas on water

  1. SUP your way around Hawaii, the birthplace of SUPing
  2. SUP the hidden gem that is British Columbia, Canada
  3. SUP the Turks and Caicos Islands, an archipelago of 40 coral islands
  4. Surf and swim around Costa Rica
  5. Kayak around the Caribbean, and learn a new dance on every island
  6. Kayak the McKenzie River, Canada
  7. Row the Pacific Ocean
  8. Build your own boat and row the Amazon River
  9. Try sand boarding in Mui Ne, Vietnam
  10. Go kitesurfing in Boracay Islands, Philippines




Top adventure spots, from our friends at Kathmandu (perfect escape from the UK winter!)


Enjoy, let us know how you get on and make sure you share your pics and tag us in #adventurequeens on Twitter/FB and @AdventureQueensUK on Instagram. 

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