Best Wild Camping Spots in the UK

Nov 3, 2017 | Adventure Tips, Solo adventuring, Wild Camping

Since starting Adventure Queens at the beginning of the summer 2017, a whop-tastic number of you have got out and about and slept wild around the UK. Many of you have been guided/cajoled/encouraged in organised groups, and many, many more of you have gone rogue and gone it alone.

And so it is with your help that we’ve begun compiling a wee guide to some of the best wild camping spots in the UK.

We’ve roughly divided the camp spots into north, south, east and west around the UK, although you should know that we’ve taken a few liberties when it comes to the geography of it all. We’re Adventure Queens, after all – we make our own rules. 

If you’ve got spots that aren’t on here (but are little gems that should be shared), get in touch and we’ll update this wee guide (sharing is caring after all!).

The Best Wild Camping spots in the UK


From the mountains of Scotland to the Lakes of England, the north delivers on wilderness, views and valleys galore: 

  • Shelter Stone, Cairngorms National Park
  • Blackbeck Tarn , Lake District
  • Ullswater, Lake District
  • Johnny’s Wood, near Borrowdale, Lake District
  • Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland
  • Dovestones, Manchester
  • Horse Pasture Wood, Yorkshire 


Ah the rolling hills of the south – where you’re spoilt for choice with long distance pathways and blankets of green, tumbling into the horizon.

  • Whiteleaf Hill, Chilterns
  • Ivinghoe Beacon, Chilterns
  • Coombe Hill, Chilterns
  • Remenham Woods, Henley-on-Thames
  • London Parks – Richmond and Hampstead Heath are our faves
  • Old Winchester Hill, South Downs
  • Beacon Hill, South Downs
  • Box Hill, Surrey
  • Epping Forest, Essex
  • St Martha’s Hill, Surrey
  • Oxshott Woods, Surrey
  • Denbies Hillside, near Dorking, Surrey





West is BEST! Home of tasty treats – cider, clotted cream and pasties, and a coastline that makes your jaw drop BIG time.

  • Worcestershire Beacon, Malverns
  • Leigh Woods, Bristol
  • Rainbow Wood, Bath
  • Alney Island, Gloucester
  • Randwick Woods, near Stonehouse
  • Rippon Tor, Dartmoor
  • Swyre Head, Dorset
  • Melynllyn, Wales
  • Grwyne Fawr Reservoir, Black Mountains, Wales
  • Dyfi Forest, west Wales





Ah the East, where ice cream, castle and more lush coastlines proudly rule. You may notice we’re a little light in the ‘East department’… ideas, anyone?

  • Castle Acre, Norfolk
  • Hadleigh Castle, Leigh-on-Sea (Essex)




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