The Adventure Queens Grant

We launched the Adventure Queens Grant in 2017 – our way of helping women take on their first human-powered, boundary-pushing life-changing adventure. And each year we team up with partners, who are equally passionate about getting more women into the outdoors.

We’re excited to announce that we’re running the AQ Grant in 2020! More details below!

“Suffice it to say, adventure has changed my life. That first big leap of faith started a chain reaction which ejected me from the mundane rut down which I was travelling, and catapulted me across bumpy, uneven plains anew. And ever since I returned home from that first big adventure, it’s been a dream of mine to give someone else the option to derail their own life too…”

Anna McNuff – Adventure Queens Co-Founder

Autumn is in the air and that can only mean one thing…it’s time to declare the FOURTH annual Adventure Queens Grant open for business!

Since the beginnings of Adventure Queens, one of our favourite times in the AQ calendar has been launching our grant – our way of helping someone take on a big human powered, boundary pushing adventure.  

In 2018, we helped self-named “Adventure Queen Mother” Sue Barrett take on the trails of the Alps on a mother-daughter expedition.  

A year later we helped to send the delightful Vanessa Richards off into the wilds of Scandinavia to hike some of Europe’s most remote trails.

In 2019, we changed the grant a little to help a few more of our community get into the outdoors but a little closer to home.  Catherine, Frit,and Amer-Jeet were our three winners, all planning UK based adventures covering everything from hiking, to  rollerblading (yep!) and wild camping.  COVID may have meant their adventures were put on hold for a while, but we can’t wait to see what they get up to.


This year we’re continuing with our aim to support several ladies get out on their own adventures.  Once again we’re teaming up with the wonderful folks at Arc’teryx UK to provide three winners with £500 worth of kit.  We’re also delighted to have Osprey on board, who will be kitting out the winners with one of their legendary rucksacks.


Three lucky winners of the Adventure Queens Grant will receive the following goodies:

£500 worth of Arcteryx kit, and help from the wonderful folks in store at Arc’teryx UK to help you pick the right gear for your trip

Mentoring from our fab Adventure Queens Grant panel of judges to help plan your adventure

A rucksack fit for any adventure, from legendary outfitters Osprey


All we ask in return for the grant and support is that you are willing to share your story with the Adventure Queens community. Because inspiration feeds inspiration. All of you in this community are inspiring – and we want to shed a light on that.

So, we’d ask that you to share some pre, duing, and post trip social media updates – whether that be using your own account, or through our Adventure Queens Instagram. We’d also invite you to write a couple of blog posts before/after the trip and to share your story with the community via an interview/Q&A or talk once your trip is done.

We certainly don’t expect you to be a social media wizz, or public speaker!  Just to be open to sharing your experience in a way you feel comfortable.


If you identify as a gal and live in the UK, this is for you. But it’s worth checking the bit below on the kind of adventures we are hoping to support. And by ‘living in the UK’ you don’t have to be a UK citizen, but this country should be your primary base.


At Adventure Queens, we firmly believe that adventures in the outdoors, where you are pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone can have an incredibly positive impact.  We are looking for an Adventure Queen who is teetering right on the edge of terrified. She has never done anything quite as big as what she has planned and isn’t entirely sure that she can pull it off, but she is darn well willing to give it a go.  


If this sounds like you, go ahead and apply!  There are a few things we’ll be looking for in the grant applications:

  • Your adventure is, at least mostly, human powered. We won’t argue with the odd bus or plane journey though to get you where you want to be! Bikepacking, running, hiking, cycling, pogo’ing…. inspire us!
  • It’s probably your first big adventure and is going to be at least a few days long
  • It can be based in the UK or in some far off land
  • The grant would have a significant impact on giving you the gentle nudge you need to get out there and take on your challenge.  Help us to understand why this trip is going to be a big deal for you.
  • Ideally your adventure should take place between March and October 2021. Those dates mean we get to share your story in time to inspire grant applicants in 2021
  • Whilst we love the idea of adventuring helping to raise money for a good cause, we won’t be able to support something that is part of an organised fundraising or sponsored event
  • If your idea involves a ‘significant other’ (male or female) in your life – well done for finding an adventure partner in crime! But the Adventure Queens Grant probably isn’t for you. We figure that having your other half in tow is a great support vehicle in itself and you probably are in less need of the Grant and the support that comes with it. 


Applications for the grant will be accepted until 31st December 2020. We’ll then be spending January curled up with many cups of tea and a lot of cake reading them all.  We’ll come up with a final shortlist by the end of January, and will announce the winner on February 14th 2021. Exciting stuff!


Feeling inspired and ready to apply? AMAZING! Get yourself a pot of tea and a comfy chair and have a read through our application form.  This is where you get the chance to tell us about yourself, your adventure, and why you think you would be a worthy recipient of the Adventure Queens Grant.

Applications can be completed online via this link.

If you’ve read all the information above and still have a burning question or issue, drop us an email on

Good luck!

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