Living and travelling full-time in a micro camper

Jan 16, 2024 | Adventure Ideas


I would like to share with you the heartfelt story of one Adventure Queen whose micro camper became ‘home’ for almost 15 months. Jules made ‘Roo’ her place of solace; to support her on a personal journey to find peace and comfort after her father sadly passed away.

Enjoying the Scottish Islands

“It was whilst watching my beautiful class in their Nativity play, that I just decided it would be my last one for a while. The last one, fitting tea towels onto the heads of shepherds, making sure presents were wrapped for the Three Kings and that the music was all ready to go. So, what would I do instead? My choice… buy a small camper van, put Poppy in and take off to see the UK. The catalyst for such a spontaneous decision was devastatingly and suddenly losing my dad last summer. The one person I thought could never not be here. Parents seem invincible don’t they? How could someone be here one day and be gone the next? It makes you realise how precious our time is on this earth.”

Freedom to be where we want to be

“After purchasing my camper ‘Roo’, she became my full-time home for almost 15 months. I moved what I thought I might need in my life, added my dog Poppy and we set off with no set route around the UK. We have explored Scotland including some of the islands (Arran, Mull, Outer Hebrides), Wales and many parts of England in all seasons. At the moment she is my day-to-day vehicle as I have returned to Norfolk to sell my house. I plan to be back in the van and on the road travelling again next year – I love it!”

Unexpected paths and many wonderful adventures

“My micro camper has led me to lead a more simple life with minimal possessions and material things. We (my dog and I) have everything we need for day-to-day living and the van allows us the freedom to be where we want to be, to move on when we want to and because it is not a big motorhome or van we can be very discreet and can travel down narrow lanes or duck under height barriers to some amazing overnight park up spots. I’ve been photographed many times and given numerous tours of the van. When people see how we live in it they are both a little surprised and inspired!”

“Coming across my camper via Driftwood Campers, travelling across the country to pick her up and spending the last year and a bit living and travelling in her has been the best adventure. I didn’t know that having a camper would have changed my life but it has led me down (some amazing) unexpected paths and many wonderful adventures. I am excited to see where Roo will take us next!”

Who are Driftwood Campers?

We offer micro campers which are built for fun and adventures but compact in size, therefore also providing a perfect everyday vehicle. Our camper vans are for Adventure Queens who want something easy and comfortable to drive whilst enabling them to get outdoors be it hiking, cold water swimming or longer term road trips! Each and every camper is bespoke and tailored to reflect the unique personality of its owner. Our designs are inspired by the rugged coastline, ocean and raw nature that surrounds us here in the South West. We are proud to live and work in an area of outstanding natural beauty (North Devon).

Citroen Berlingo Micro Camper Conversions

Even though it is a small space, we have managed to carefully craft and maximise the interior of a compact passenger vehicle to offer a comfy sofa (which transforms into a small double bed), kitchen unit complete with sink and tap plus storage cupboards to keep your belongings. Our conversions are kitted out with a leisure battery which charges whilst you drive, an external electric hook-up point and a range of sockets inside for powering and charging devices. People are always amazed at what we manage to fit into a small, everyday looking vehicle. This is definitely it’s main appeal and makes it less daunting to drive. You don’t have to own a big camper van to enjoy the van lifestyle.

We work closely with each and every customer and offer various design options for the flooring, sofa and woodwork. Each camper we create is so different and that is what we love! Every van has its own personality (and not to mention names! To date we have had a Roo, Ruby, Bingo, Daisy – you get the idea…)

If you would like to have a chat about our micro camper conversions please don’t hesitate to contact us at I would be happy to speak with you and find out what you have in mind and work to help create it.

A big thank you from me to Jules for being brave and sharing her story; it is why we are here and continue to create camper vans that are more than just a vehicle, they are a lifestyle and mean so much. They are definitely made for Adventure Queens!

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This guest blog was written by Rebecca who workls part-time at Driftwood Campers and is also a Pilates teacher in beautiful North Devon. She is an avid hiker, camper, road cyclist and vegan baker! Her passion lies in health and wellbeing and wants to encourage others to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors!

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