Adventure Queens & Arc’Teryx January campout

Feb 4, 2018 | Wild Camping

At the end of January, we hosted our first big campout. Yep, that might seem a tad crazy to organise one in the midst of winter but as they say, there’s no such thing as bad weather… you just need to dress for it! And 75 of you agreed (yes, a whopping 75 of you!).

We headed to Chantry Woods, aka a slice of wilderness bliss, tucked away on the North Downs in Surrey (even some of the locals hadn’t heard of it!). And what started as 75 strangers meeting, ended with 75 new friendships!

We kicked off with a whole lot of nattering, we sussed out how to put up 60 different types of tents (who knew there could be so many options!), we took kit perving to a whole new level, we devoured baked goods (we have some talented peeps in the community!), we shared a bunch of adventure stories and we went rambling through the lush North Downs.

And most importantly, there was a whole lotta laughing and new friendships being made! With new adventure buddies and new adventure plans hatched by the end of the weekend.

Thanks to everyone that joined us and to all of the amazing volunteers & speakers, who helped make it possible. And of course, to Jen and the folks at Arc’ for generously supporting it!

Chief Queen Steph has written a blog about it so for anyone not quite sure what to expect, check it out here.

We’ll be hosting more throughout the year, so make sure you sign up to the newsletter to be the first in the know!





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