Story Queen

Hello Instagram Lover! And thanks for being willing to help us spread the Adventure Queen love of the outdoors far and wide. We’re on the hunt for 10 x Story Queens to share their everyday adventures and those further afield with our Instagram followers.

You are great for this role if…

  • You already use Instagram Stories (and are at least familiar with the basics of it)
  • You enjoy sharing your mini adventures and escape to the outdoors, either during the week or at the weekend at least once
  • Have a spare 30 mins each week to give over to sitting on the couch and uploading your stories, post-adventure. Or doing it on the run!

You do not need to..

  • Be an Instagram whizz. Stories are simple, easy to use and just a snapshot into your adventure-life.
  • Be going on any big adventures. Big trips are great, but we love small and local ones too, and they’re actually more fitting for our community
  • Post every day. We’d love it if you could share something once a week

How will it work?

We’ll give you access to the Adventure Queens Instagram channel, so you can add it as an account on your phone.

Then, wherever you feel inspired, simply open up Instagram as you would usually, and share away!

We’ll also give you…

If you’re selected to be a Story Queen, we’ll give you a short, handy guide on how to make your Insta stories top bangin’!


Just message @adventurequeensUK on Instagram. Let Susie or Ness (our Insta Queens) know that you’ve seen this and are up for being a story queen. It’d be ace if you have some recently uploaded content we can look at too.

We look forwards to hearing from you! GO QUEENS.